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North Eastham Copper Vents

Copper vents can beautify your North Eastham home

  • Fabrication of Wall Vents, Roof Vents, Soffit Vents and Louver Vents, plumbing vents
  • Fabricate & Install Exhaust Ventilation

North Eastham Wall Vents

  • Collar Pipe Length - Extend or Shorten the Throat Tube Length. Pipe Can Be Extended Up to 14 Inches or other thicker walled homes in North Eastham
  • Louvered Copper Vents - Flush 3 Louvered Copper Side Wall Vents
  • No Collar Pipe - Remove Throat/Tube for Flush Mounting
  • Collar Material - Stainless Throat Collar on Copper Vent
  • Rectangular Wall Vent Dimensions - Custom Sized Wall Vents for Special Projects
  • Color - Standard Colors are Black, Brown and White
  • Mix & Match Hood with Collar - Larger Hood and Smaller Throat Collar is Available
  • Wind Protector - Springs and Wind Guards can be Added to Wall Vents
  • Magnetic Damper - Magnets Added to Galvanized Vents to Keep Damper Shut
  • Vent Cover Only - Cover Existing Vent Termination Caps in Multiple Termination Situations

Roof Vents in North Eastham

  • Hard Connect Pipe - Add a Hard Connect Collar Under the Roof Flange (for flex tube)
  • Clearance - Longer Throat or Clearance for Shake Roof or Snowy Climates
  • In-Line Damper - Add Butterfly Backdraft Damper to Roof Vents
  • Globe Vents - Half Sizes for Round Diameter Can Be Accomodated

North Eastham Soffit Vents

Heavy Duty Round Eave Vents - Soffit Vents

  • High Quality Materials
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Look
  • Special Attention to Detail
  • Heavy Mesh Screen
  • Long Lasting Design
Copper Eave Soffit Vents in North Eastham


  • Roof Soffit and Attic Ventilation
  • Bath Exhaust Fan Cap
  • Air Intake Vent
  • Kitchen Fan Exhaust
  • Other Exhaust Duct Needs